A decline on the focus on decision theory.

I don't think any of these are serious problems.

Lack of politics can be a good rule, but makes it boring compared to say, slatestarcodex.

it's pining for the fnords

endorsement of eugenics

Seeming lack of interest in practical evangelism

This survery is being manipulated by reddit.com/r/sneerclub

Focus on 'clever' tripe like Acausal decision theories.

perhaps just "to full of itself". Like everyone loves the multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics, but very few people (and that includes EY) even know much about physics.

Lack of detailed knowledge of mundane academic subjects, and failure to even *try* to remedy this.

It turns out that everyone besides Eliezer and Yvain is boring.

Math dumps with poor annotations so that they're impossible to follow/ critique

Too much attention to and discussion of irrelevant details.

the idea that thinking a lot about something reveals more truth then actual experimentation

Not enough interesting content.

Too much New Atheism.

That "Spirituality" post...

Too focused on instrumental rationality

Peter Thiel

Blind acceptance of all transhumanist thought aka mind uploading.

Focus on EA

Much less content submitted nowadays, and what there is is often very niche.


Minimal apparent interest in discussing key issues that were essential to driving intelligent discussion in the peak times

Excessive transhumanism, insufficient humanity, denial of the primacy of death

Tendency to reinvent the wheel, but call it the "toroid of static friction"

Undiscriminating skepticism

I think an increased focus on applying rational thought to real-life rather than hypothetical scenarios would attract a wider audience.

Broad but shallow knowledge base. Overestimate own competencies.