I mastered the basic concepts that LW shares among all (i.e. finished the current sequences)

Less sexual politics

Lower the ridiculous anti-establishment bias ("everyone who is not us is evil!")

more hard data

Recognise it is in fact turning into a cult.

eliminate the contortions to make sure everyone feels included. LW has a million different types of people, and trying to make sure all language is accommodating to everyone is very distracting. Inclusiveness is important, but it seems to have become an end in itself

Less endorsement of gross views

I don't think I could "rejoin", i'm still cheking out the front page from time to time as I always did

Not convinced that helping the LW community is a good use of my time from an EA perspective--people don't seem to get much done

A sense of helping one another improve would be a big draw for me

Attempting to get more mainstream support, professors/etc