Feeling like I can contribute something worthwhile

Drawing together content from the Diaspora, sorting by votes (LIMIT DOWNVOTES TO COMPETENT USERS). Enable link submission! Steal some Reddit RSS bots and get things auto-submitted! https://github.com/ErinvanderVeen/Reddit-RSS-Bot maybe?

Less formal

less suckiness / community shouldn't be confidant in it's own demise. I dun wanna cuddle a corpse.

More aligned with my interests and attitudes generally

I had an opportunity to train my mind against those of other experts through discourse

More focus on behavior

Active moderation and enforcement of community rules instead of voting system

Greater variety of socially accepted topics of discussion /discourse

stronger moderation and removal of incoherent blathering, at least in some forums

If Yudkowsky/Brienne/Scott Alexander posted there instead of Facebook.

No, or totally reworked, upvoting/downvoting system on comments

If there were something in between membership and lurking somehow. Half-membership, or something.

More respectful discourse in general, especially where the outgroup is concerned

Stop being so bloody smug!

Me having more time

End of eternal September

I'd rejoin to (re)read the Sequences, if there was a social group doing it.

If it could fix its reputation and do a better job of public relations. Right now it seems like everyone thinks LessWrong is a cult.

less anecdotal content about how someone changed somehting in their life

More readable content

More focus on effective altruism

People who would appreciate me contributing stuff instead of trying to find ways to shoot it down

I prefer a kinder, gentler environment

Cast aside the facade of the eternal-present as applied to personal identity, and start encouraging transness and postfurriness as the most-likely modes-of-being within the supermajority of plausible futurist weirdtopias. Ha ha only serious

An eye towards high level cooperation/institution-building

better forum