More good content

I believe I can have interesting interactions with people I know qua people

More social/off-topic stuff

AND I need to sign up to read the material

Make a good space to explore new ideas. Realign incentives so there's less absurdity heuristic/generalized skepticism, more attempt to understand points presented. There are a bunch of things I've talked to FHI people and EY/Nate/etc about which I don't think the atmosphere on LW is welcoming to, because undiscriminating skeptics can smack it down too easily in the current system, so we leave for places where we can comfortably post ideas which take some background knowledge/ability to fill in the blanks/tendency to try and get something out of a post rather than work out how to attack it.

More oriented toward types of things I have things to say on/less focused on specific topics, so I don't feel out of place

Broader range of topics

less bad new stuff

Less blogging (as in SSC's style of pontificating), more science

apolitical atmosphere was maintained

The comments section does not seem actively hateful

Less Wrong continued to develop more meaningful abstractions, like Ribbonfarm

Less West Coast culture

If less wrong provided me value for my time beyond what it is done so in the past comma then I would consider rejoining.

Coordination to get everyone in one place

Actual rationality exhibited by active members

In-person meetups that felt comfortable

Lots of other people also rejoin

less worship of EY

Feeling like it was worth checking it every day, or every MWF. A regular and frequent post schedule, basically.

If there was good content

I can read it on my phone

It would have to provide something that living with rationalists in Berkeley wouldn't

A more active community

More sociable

Less social anxiety about posting opinions/ideas that show my thought process

some other interesting person resumes posting

If I have time and ideas and believe posting to LW is valuable

If Less Wrong changed its values

More responsible moderation

Less focus on Yudkowsky's pet interests/futurism

enough of my friends join/rejoin

Get rid of the infestation of fascists

More statistics experts

Wider range of discussions.

If I noticed less time-wasting and neurotic thoughts when I'm on LW, I'd do it more.

If the core sequences had less jargon and more plain English.

more thourough, rigorous exploration of reality, rationality, and bias

Less clicks to arrive at interesting content.

More professional development activity

Also, how do I de-answser the question after accidently clicking on an option? (q. 79)

Less moral superiority

Better "difficulty curve" of ways to semi-productively contribute

More focus on Happiness

Improved community reputation so I don't have to worry about being associated with a "cult" (do we still need to operate within the LessWrong brand?)

To join I'd need more recent activity

If it was a more pleasant place to hang out, where kindness was valued more.

In general, it might make sense to focus on being a good aggregator (with comment system) as opposed to forum, given so much discussion has left for greener pastures anyway. That said, this hasn't worked too well for the subreddits.

Encourage people to start thinking about acausal-trade under various secondary plausible systems: Tegmark-worlds, cognitive-patternism, et al - I guess this would be more about fostering a culture of synthesis-of-ideas in addition to the default behavior of atomization-of-ideas, or something

Proven track record of good content

less tolerance for creeps